Baltimore ????


  Before you go any further listening to “the main stream media” propaganda concerning Baltimore , I suggest you read this article containing 12 important questions. 
 Please let’s not forget the purposeful economic “tinder” that was created by the Criminal Banking Syndicate and their puppets in political office in Washington since the great Federal “Give Away Programs” began 50 years ago. Programs which have lead to the entrapment of millions in the permanent lower class with NO HOPE of ever moving to a better life. 
Still believe in that HOPE & CHANGE propaganda shoved down your throat by Obama?  It appears they don’t in Baltimore. Add to that, a spark initiated by a few “bad actors” in the police force  and voila….. a riot.  As the article suggests….. maybe the riots were just what The Powers That Be wanted in order to rush in more “programs” to strip ALL of us of even more Freedom.  It didn’t work the first time for them in Ferguson ….. so why not try again?  
Take a listen to the brief clip below uttered by the Mayor of Baltimore….. it  makes me want to vomit….. it is indicative of where the REAL problem is…….  
As opposed to the garbage mumbled by the Mayor above.. here is the clip of a real American Patriot who could well have saved her son’s life and in the process help stop the garbage fueled by The Powers That Be…