Back to the Future….. taking on the elite


The video below was sent to me by a legend in the intel. world. We recently witnessed Veterans marching on D.C. during the  faux ” government shutdown”. We also have recently seen military leaders coming forward in requesting the resignation of Obama, Biden, Boehner, McConnell, Reid and Pelosi. We also recently witnessed an official with The Cato Institute testify before a Congressional Hearing about the possibility of the “American public being fed up and overthrowing the government.”  
The vast majority of Americans are unaware of a similar series of events which lead to a disastrous policy implemented by Herbert Hoover. The implementation of his repression of Veterans policy had a HUGE impact on his loss of The Presidency in 1933.  Historians want you to believe that 110 % of his loss of The White House was due to the economy….. it was a factor but this event, which The Powers That Be do NOT want you to know about, is what  cemented his loss. 
Note the players involved….. Hoover, Mac Arthur, Eisenhower and Patton. Obama is the current puppet of The New World Order crowd just as Hoover was the puppet of The New World Order crowd in 1930’s.. Will Obama try and pull a Hoover???  My bet is ….. YES….. the difference is the military is on the side of the American public and NOT the New World Order scum. 
 I believe Obama and his handlers also believe the military will not be a part of a “1933 event”…… hence the arming ( purchase of 1.5 billion rounds of hollow point bullets) of his own internal police force ….. The DHS.  Take a look at the video the Powers That Be do not want you to know about…..