Ep1 | Debt Bomb
Ep2 | A Domestic Vietnam
Ep3 | Freedom vs Opression
Ep4 | Hazardous to Health
Ep5 | The UnStimulus Bill
Ep6 | Drugs & Obamacare
Ep7 | Insurance Exchange
Ep8 | Obamacare vs The Oath
Ep9 | Real Change
Ep10 | Weapons of Mass Destruction
Ep11 | White House Chef
Ep12 | The Fed
Ep13 | Keynes
Ep14 | Summer of Economic Recovery
Ep15 | The Most Open Adminstration
Ep16 | Traveler in Chief

Ep17 | Jihad & Obama
Ep18 | Death Panels
Ep19 | Poppy Fields
Ep20 | Government Housing
Ep21 | Pre-Existing Conditions
Ep22 | WikiLeaks
Ep23 | Renewable Energy
Ep24 | Hyperinflation
Ep25 | Global Warming
Ep26 | Unconstitutional
Ep27 | Obamacare and Breast Cancer
Ep28 | Tucson Shootings
Ep29 | The Face of the Left
Ep30 | The End of Life
Ep31 | World Economic Forum
Ep32 | End of the Beginning
Ep33 | Bogus Pillars of Obamacare
Ep34 | Dollar Destruction
Ep35 | Gaddafi & Obama
Ep36 | Boxcar Soros

Ep37 | Banna Republic
Ep38 | Turbo Tax Tim
Ep39 | Obamas Retirees
Ep40 | Wachovia
Ep41 | Ending Obamacare
Ep42 | Change But No Hope
Ep43 | 2 Years of Hope & Change
Ep44 | Obamas Waivers
Ep45 | Obama & The Accountable Care
Ep46 | Bridge to Disaster
Ep47 | Obamas Gift To Students
Ep48 | Obama Destruct Dollar
Ep49 | Obamacare By The Numbers
Ep50 | Governor Nerd
Ep51 | Economic Hitman
Ep52 | Two Prez Long Shots
Ep53 | To BEE or Not to BEE
Ep54 | Healthcare Compacts
Ep55 | Perry the Unconservative
Ep56 | Just Say No to Romney and Obama

Ep57 | Obamas Rope A Dope
Ep58 | Obamas General Electric
Ep59 | The AMA Cockroaches
Ep60 | The Criminal Banking Audit
Ep61 | Obamas Banktuptcy
Ep62 | Stockman vs The Fed
Ep63 | Gold and Silver
Ep64 | Obama No New Jobs
Ep65 | Agenda 21
Ep66 | Legal Tender Act
Ep67 | End of the Global Elite
Ep68 | Trump vs Obamacare
Ep69 | Barnhardt vs Corzine
Ep70 | The Soros-Obama Stimulus Plan
Ep71 | Doc Obama and Small Pox
Ep72 | Big Government and Your Child
Ep73 | Global Elite Plan
Ep74 | Schuette vs The Nerd
Ep75 | The Honorable Jon Corzine
Ep76 | National Defense Authorization Act

Ep77 | The 3rd World Government
Ep78 | Jack Abramoffs Reform
Ep79 | Mussolini Governed
Ep80 | The Coming Great Collapse
Ep81 | Obamas Tax Delinquincy
Ep82 | Ron Paul and the Military
Ep83 | Operation Freedom Fighters
Ep84 | The Destruction of Obamas Supreme Court Case
Ep85 | Cutting Combat to the Front Line
Ep86 | Treason by Obama and Panetta
Ep87 | Delta Hell and Crony Capitalism
Ep88 | The Nat of Our Resources
Ep89 | The Creat Const Comm
Ep90 | China Motors
Ep91 | Facist MI
Ep92 | Government Car Jacking
Ep93 | Barnhardts Stand for Freedom
Ep94 | Drones
Ep95 | The IRS and Millions of Illegal Workers
Ep96 | Authorization of Propaganda

Ep97 | Land of the Sea Treaty
Ep98 | Homeland Security and Our Future
Ep99 | The Bombers Freedom
Ep100 | Bennedict Roberts
Ep101 | Your Future Death Panels Await
Ep102 | Seeing The Invisible
Ep103 | The Latest Criminal Banking Scam
Ep104 | Motivator in Chief
Ep105 | Food Stamp Scam
Ep108 | Remembering Obama
Ep109 | Transparent Government
Ep110 | Totalitarian Governerd
Ep111 | Incometence and Death
Ep112 | Failed President, Sec of State and Foreign Policy
Ep113 | Beck, Janda, and Death Panels
Ep114 | Stop the Governerds Bridge To Disaster
Ep115 | Mollys Unconditional Love
Ep116 | Obama The Illusionist
Ep117 | Bankster Opression
Ep118 | Handing Over Your Freedom

Ep119 | The Real Thanksgiving Story
Ep120 | The Nerds Health Care Exchange Takeover
Ep121 | Ineptocracy
Ep122 | Tecumseh
Ep123 | Americas True Financial Facts
Ep124 | General Motors Scam
Ep125 | True US DEbt
Ep126 | Beck and The Misfits
Ep127 | Obamas New Military Litmus Test
Ep128 | Governerds Love for Obamacare
Ep129 | Guns Doctors and Forks
Ep130 | Obamadrones
Ep131 | Neutron Bomb
Ep132 | Market Manipulation
Ep133 | Block Exchanges Now
Ep134 | People Power
Ep135 | Seizing Your Bank Deposits
Ep136 | Liar in Chief
Ep137 | Financial Trainwreck
Ep138 | It Can Happen Here

Ep139 | Obamas Cutting Pre Existing Conditions
Ep140 | Obamacares New Data
Ep141 | Always the Truth
Ep142 | Abuse of Power
Ep143 | Genocide
Ep144 | IRS and Seargent Schultz
Ep145 | Barack Hussein Milhous Nixon Obama
Ep146 | Transplants
Ep147 | Republican Traitors
Ep148 | Obamacare Freedom Stripping Update
Ep149 | Dynamite Award
Ep150 | The World Bank
Ep151 | Obamacare Stay
Ep152 | Russian Troops Obama and Treason
Ep153 | Murder of a Patriot
Ep154 | Secret Court
Ep155 | Friends or Enemy
Ep156 | Obamas Navigators
Ep157 | Obamacare 4 Years Later
Ep158 | Third World Michigan