A New Morning in America


I would like to thank you for everything that each and every one of you did to save OUR country from the Globalist’s final nail in the coffin…. Hillary. Each and every one of you have played a vital role in the beginning of the end of the Globalists 27 year modern day rule of lawlessness, destruction and corruption.
 I believe Our show, Operation Freedom, made a difference in the final results. Every week via the radio waves and via The Internet we touch several million people in America and several million more around the world.  Your involvement, networking and support of the show played a critical role in the final outcome last night. Every sponsor, every guest and every listener had “skin in the game'” last night and in the process we have initiated the Globalists demise.
Now comes the hard part, the resuscitation of a country that has been ravaged by the criminal international New World Order bankster syndicate. I believe the defibrillator to shock OUR country back to a life of Freedom and Liberty will be dependent upon each and every one of us. We must step up and enlighten our friends, family, neighbors and fellow citizens on the facts of what has happened, is happening and what can happen to free every American of the shackles of the globalists.
Last night was the first step, a big step, but now we each need to educate EVERY American with facts NOT the propaganda spewed from the Lame Stream Media. As my Mom the history teacher taught me…. “If we forget and ignore the past we are doomed to repeat history”.  The globalists will be held accountable and WE will move Onward and Upward. It is A NEW AND IMPROVED MORNING IN AMERICA!
Warm Regards,