Lou Dobbs: Sidney Powell & Tom Fitton on The Hammer & Scorecard

  In this segment from the Lou Dobbs Show [November 6 2020] Flynn defense attorney Sidney Powell and Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch expose the Hammer / Scorecard. They discuss how this system has already been used to tamper with voting integrity in a number of states.   CLICK TO DOWNLOAD SHOW AUDIO

Special Report: Tonight Sidney Powell Dropped The Hammer On Brennan & The Deep State

The Hammer was disclosed to the public in early March 2017 by investigative journalists Mary Fanning & Alan Jones. On March 19, 2017, General Tom McInerney, with the support of Admiral Ace Lyons, brought  information on The Hammer, for the first time on radio or TV, to The Operation Freedom Show. Since then the Deep …

OANN – Hammer & Scorecard – General Tom McInerney

In this segment, OANN presents Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney’s analysis of Hammer & Scorecard – November 13 2020. For additional information on the legal defense fund established by Sidney Powell, dedicated to freedom, liberty, and election integrity please visit: defendingtherepublic.org


By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones  |  September 30, 2019 CONTENT PROVDED BY: THEAMERICANREPORT.ORG Obama administration officials John Brennan and James Clapper repurposed the foreign surveillance system “THE HAMMER” to illegally wiretap General Michael Flynn. That evidence was contained on 47 computer hard drives and in sworn testimony provided to the FBI and to Assistant …

Tom McInerney – Illegal Surveillance, Parallel Platforms “Breaking News” In 2022

CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON IN THE MIDDLE OF THE VIDEO FRAME TO PLAY VIDEO Check out this Special BREAKING News….. from the Washington Post in February of 2022. Breaking… give me a break!  On March 19,2017….. yes almost 5 years ago….. General McInerney with the support of Admiral Ace Lyons outed the entire illegal CIA …